My work has a graphic quality to it and combines painting with printmaking techniques. I enjoy observational drawing as it gives me time to understand the structure and character of a subject. Often I depict food and animals with a light hearted element. Many of the subjects I paint are connected to memories or experiences. I think that’s why food is so interesting as it’s texture, colour, taste and smell can transport you back in time.

I have a degree in textiles and became a lecturer in art and design. After the birth of our second child, my husband and I moved to Tunbridge Wells where we live with three cats.  During the last few years I have volunteered at a local primary school where I ran an art club and taught linocut workshops for adults. I also attended Botanical Illustration, Watercolour and Illustration courses at the Adult Education Centre where I was introduced to the blotted line technique that I currently use in my work. Recently I was delighted to be invited to become an associate member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art. 

There is something I find quite magical about making a print as it gives a new dimension to my drawing.  The blotted line technique is a very simple form of mono print famously used by Andy Warhol in his early illustrations. I always begin with a drawing that I can transfer onto tracing paper. This sheet is then hinged with masking tape onto a clean sheet of watercolour paper. With a dip pen and ink I follow the lines on the underside of the tracing then flip it over and print.  It’s a gradual process that gives interesting and unexpected marks that add texture to my work.