Collaborations with other artists, poets, writers and businesses are opportunities that I really enjoy. I recently collaborated with writer David Hensley who composes poetry about food. The first time I met David he read this poem to me and the line “open up my cut and fill me with your butter” stuck in my head. I wasn’t sure if he was being serious until I saw the twinkle in his eye.


Food Poems Collaboration with poet David Hensley


Potato, Sweet Potato

I am your baked sweet potato
Divert your eyes, 
From my hard, 
Imperfect skin
Inside, I am soft and hot for you
Pierce me, now, please
Open up my cut, and fill me
With your butter
Watch, as it melts inside me
Take my earthy sweetness
On your tongue
And feel me
Sliding and satisfying


If you're interested in collaborating on food related projects for restaurants, packaging, cookbooks, etc., please get in touch.